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"My leadership will leave an indelible mark upon all whom I can work with, lead or teach so that they will strive for a greater level of commitment of selfless service; hence as a collective, we will have maximum impact in the ASD marginalized and underserved community. As a leader, I will maintain my curiosity and be thoroughly familiar with my strengths and weaknesses.  I will be sure that my circle consists of value-added partners to aid in ensuring that we achieve unparalleled life-changing results." - L. Buford

About The KCB Play Institute

The KCB Play Institute is a pediatric speech-language pathology and occupational therapy private practice that will service the underserved community in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.  This shared decision-making, family-centered practice is designed to provide specialized services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and services for children with speech, language, and occupational therapy needs, with a special focus on serving those individuals in underserved communities.  With The KCB Play Institute, receiving early specialized speech, language, and occupational therapy services will never be a struggle for a child needing services.  By providing timely and quality speech-language and occupational therapy services regardless of the ability to pay, The KCB Play Institute will fill a gap in early specialized intervention, aiding in bridging the health disparity gap in underserved communities and improving positive outcomes.

The KCB Play Institute is owned and operated by a Speech-Language Pathology expert.  The compassionate professionals at The KCB Play Institute take an integrated customized approach in treating deficits in areas such as expressive and receptive language, pragmatics/social language, articulation/sound production, oral motor, fluency, voice, and augmentative-alternative communication.  Other therapeutic services include self-regulation and sensory needs, adaptive skills, motor development, social participation, daily life skills, and feeding deficits in children with ASD. The practice also provides outreach to coach both parents of children with ASD and other community stakeholders. 



As a person-of-color led consortium, The KCB Play Institute’s quest is to alleviate the suffering and improve the lives of children with ASD, as well as children presenting with speech, language, and deficits, and their families through team-based, exceptional, fun, and effective speech, language, and occupational therapy services and family supports.  This will help each child realize his or her fullest potential – regardless of cultural background, social barriers, or ability to pay.

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